Navigating the college admissions landscape is a confusing and complicated process for anyone. At T.E.A, the student and the family are at the very heart of our enterprise. The process begins by evaluating your options. The top choice till date for higher education is the US with UK at the number 2 position. Both countries share a rich tradition of quality higher education. However, while both certainly provide an excellent environment for learning, there are many differences. T.E.A will explain the key difference between both countries in terms of educational philosophies, university formations, length of time and then advise you on the best fit.

We can start this process as early as 8th grade or as late as senior year and anytime in between.

The methodology deployed will cover :

  • High school academic planning.
  • Extra-curricular activity planning.
  • Determination of student strengths and interests.
  • Test planning and timing recommendations.
  • Timelines and plans for all phases of the college search process.
  • Assistance in identifying the “Best Fit” colleges and universities.
  • Application preparation assistance.
  • Acceptances and Wait-lists.

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