Students soak up basics of entrepreneurship

Students soak up basics of entrepreneurship

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Mentors from Harvard Business School conduct three-day workshop for young-adults in Dubai

Dubai: ‘Bring your pencil box — and an open mind.’

That was the catchline from the organisers of Youth Lead the Challenge (YLC) programme, to reach out to students in the age-group of 15-19 years in the country. The three-day event — that started here on Friday and concluded on Sunday — was a windfall for young-adults in the UAE as 51 students from 19 schools in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, across eight different curricula, got a rare opportunity to brush shoulders with mentors from Harvard Business School in Boston, who were flown in to offer tips and guidance on developing leadership skills in entrepreneurship for the future.

Conducting this first-of-its-kind workshop-cum-training module in the UAE were Harvard Business School mentors Varoun Gulati, Christopher Willis, Gillian Hess and Jonathan Iyamdemye. Speaking to Gulf News on the sidelines of the event, Iyamdemye said:
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Studying hard makes you dumber, seriously. Study smart.


Come judgment day, a lot of students glide through the hallways of their school wearing the halos of the A* shining brilliantly whilst their equally competent counterparts hope to shrink to the size of a fly and dart right out of the school gates. What is the difference between these two sets of equally competent students? What sets the achievers apart?

Whilst there is a difference, it is not necessarily in their Intellectual Quotient but in their Emotional Intelligence. EQ is the demonstration of sensibility. It is a set of skills that include the ability to recognize one’s own impulses and moods, read situations and others accurately, and respond most appropriately, depending on the situation or person involved. The ones with the right grades are good test takers – they know how to get the best out of themselves, understand the mechanics of testing, and know HOW to study for those tests.
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Teenagers – The Choice Puppets


By and Large, Freedom, enjoys a laudable reputation. It is an affirmative word, even liberating, critical to our well being. In the phantasmagoria of the world, it has been present in all the major events and battles, been the reward for the struggles in most, but there is one place where the psychologists don’t seem to agree if Freedom is really our friend, it is when we have the Freedom of Choice.

Research shows that not necessarily more choices have lead to more happiness in this society. In his book “The paradox of choice”, Barry Schwartz, grapples with the possibility that Choice has, in fact, lead to the explosion of clinical depression. Some choice is good but too much choice is pernicious to happiness.
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Tuitions – An aid or an impediment to your child’s learning ?


Last Friday, my languid dog’s insane barking purported that either there was a break–in or Dubai was hit by an earthquake. His voice had reached a crescendo, when equipped with a tennis racquet in one hand and a groggy husband in the other, I reached the gate where he stood tall in his miniature frame, anxious to pounce on his adversaries.

I saw them too. A pack of enthused cyclists – all aged around 10 years, violating the sacrosanct doctrine of a ‘serene’ weekend morning .These toothless daredevils , geared up in neon colored helmets and knee caps were whizzing past the tiny by-lanes of my community that was still in a comatose state sending shock waves up the spine of every sleeping body.
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The College Essay Application Bootcamp

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Attention Grade 11/Year 12 students!

The Education Advisory announces the College Essay Application Bootcamp

A step-by-step process for writing the essays that will optimize your chances of admission in your top choice universities
The Essay breathes life into your application. It is the part where you are not just numerical data anymore.

It is the BEST part!

The T.E.A Essay Bootcamp is comprehensive and covers both the personal statement and the supplemental essays. Also get useful tips on how to get your Activities List and the Letters of Recommendation to work for you

For more information Email us on: or call us on 0504588314.

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When specialized schools like Berklee or Juilliard are not good enough


More and more high school students and their parents are getting nervous about entering the world of work, equipped only with a degree in performing arts .The rising cost of college coupled with one of the worst job markets for graduates in the past century is making many students and families think harder about what to expect from the return on their college investment. Passion sometimes is just not enough to pay the bills.

Maya is one such student. An incredibly talented vocalist, she is in her final year of the IBDP program in a reputed school in Dubai. Having been in love with both Music and Economics for the longest and being accepted to two colleges, both stalwarts in their domain, Maya now needs to make a choice. The May 1st deadline is inching closer by the day .Her family is very supportive of her decision but she is unsure if she wants to choose one for the other.

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To IB or NOT to IB


Aligned with Dubai’s promise of plenty , on August 23rd, 2015 , Gulf News stated that Dubai would have 27 new private schools by September 2016. By 2017, there would be approximately 196 private schools with a capacity to teach more than 341,000 students, an increase from the 169 schools according to a 2014-15 KHDA report.

With each school vowing its allegiance to a” never seen in Dubai before” activity list and residents swearing at a “never seen in a lifetime ” fee list, parents are flummoxed as to which school will serve as the best launch pad for their children’s future .Even more baffling than the schools is the curriculum deluge in the ocean of education. How to make sense of the A levels, IB, AP, ICSE wordplay?
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