The Individual Consult

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Who is it for: Parents who want to make informed choices

US/Canada/Netherlands/UK/Germany … The admissions landscape is vast and forever changing and a parent is unclear as to how the school’s high price tag and the innumerable classes align with what colleges are looking for. The Individual Consult is your go to package to have a better understanding of the higher education options available and the trends in the industry. The 1.5 hour meeting covers:

  • An overview of the education and admissions landscape
  • Assistance with Curriculum selection ( IB/GCSE/American/A levels)
  • Assistance with Course selection ( Advance track/AP)
  • Evaluation of the student’s academic record
  • Evaluation of the student’s writing sample
  • Structured interviewing to gain insights into the student’s interests, abilities and motivations.
  • Recommendation on viable co curricular activities to work towards a competitive
  • Building the blocks for a competitive college application
  • Understanding the strange world of Standardized Testing

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